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The Colors of Fall....

      The new colors of the WESTMINSTER COLLECTIVES, meaning the designers under the guise of Kaffe Fassett, have arrived and some of the new warm colors definitely take on the color pallate of the fall season.  They are all online and well a worth a look see!
     Now that fall has officially arrived, we are busily for our biggest fall show in Houston.  If you have never been there, it is the most gorgeous and most beautifully presented show in the industry.  It always comes on the heels of Quilt Market where all shop owners in the world come to what  new is  being presented by all the pattern designer, book publishers, fabric companies, etc that you will see in the local quilt stores for the winter months.  It is very exciting and a bit overwhelming when trying to decide what it is that you want to buy for your customers.
    Quilts in Sweden, Kaffe Fassetts newest book, came out a bit earlier that expected and the book is gorgeous.  The photography is worth having the book alone.  All the photo's were taken in Sweden.  And of course, the quilts are colorful and easily made.  We are in the process of making a couple of the quilts and kits have been cut for them.
These photo's do not do them justice.
     We now have some of the newest Kaffe Fassett Laminated Fabrics and will be getting some exciting thing made out of them.  Can't wait to get sewing on them.  
     Well I'm off to continue my preparations for the Houston Festival.  Come see us there.  We will bring back pictures of some of the prize winning quilts.